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Yering Station Yarra Valley in Melbourne wine tour

Our premium wine tours can include the historical Yering Station Winery. Yering Station Yarra Valley is the oldest winery in the area.

Yering Station Yarra Valley History

The historical Yering Station Yarra Valley Old Winery building
The historical Yering Station Yarra Valley Old Winery building

The Yering Station vineyard is the first vineyard established in Victoria. The scottish-born Ryrie brothers planted the first vineyard at Yering Station in 1838. The brothers acquired 43,000 acres and planted two grape varieties – black cluster and sweet water. They also used the land to house their cattle farm.

A swiss-French immigrant Paul de Castella purchased the Yarra Station from the Ryrie brothers in 1850. He expended the vineyard by 50 acres, imported many vine varieties and built the Old Winery in 1859 for the new winemaking equipment imported from France after Bordeaux Exhibition.

Paul de Castella put a lot of effort into wine making processes. As a result, in 1861 Yering Station won the Argus Gold Cup and in 1889 Yering Station wines received a Grand Prix at the Universal Exhibition (Paris). Only 14 such awards were won by overseas winemakers. Yering Station was considered to be the best Victorian vineyard.

In the 20th century, the wine industry in Yarra Valley was declining. Only since the early 1970s, the Yarra Valley vineyards have begun to thrive again.

Yering Station Yarra Valley in Melbourne wine tours today

The historical Yering Station Yarra Valley
Old winery Yering Station

Today the Yering Station cellar door is located inside the historical Old Winery building.

Yering Station Estate offers you the many attractions:

  • Historical atmosphere. The oldest vineyard in Victoria established in 1838.
  • A fantastically wide range of red and white wines. Free tasting. Groups up to 9 people.
  • 15 styles of wine. Six different labels.
  • Outstanding regional wines since 1996. Due to the implementation of progressive winemaking.
  • Private group wine tasting for groups more than ten people.
  • Educational group wine tasting.
  • Finally, the Wine-bar Restaurant. A stunning menu. Wine list directly from the cellar door.
  • Historical Cellar Door – 1859 building. Open 10 am to 5 pm Monday – Friday. From 10 am to 6 pm Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays.
  • Wine Store. Produce Store. Full range of regional Yarra Valley products.
  • A nice combination of historic and modern architecture.

Yering Station Yarra Valley is also well known for its Sunday market. Famous local farmers’ market takes place in Yering Station 3rd Sunday every month in the Historic Barn. Open 9 am – 2 pm.

Yering Station – Wineries Yarra Valley.
Address: 38, Melba Highway, Yarra Glen, VIC, 3775.
Phone: (613) 9730 0100.