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Fergusson Yarra Valley in Melbourne wine tour

Fergusson Yarra Valley | Nicks Melbourne Tours
Fergusson Yarra Valley

Fergusson Yarra Valley winery is one of the best in the region. It is not only due to its high quality free of charge wine tasting in our Melbourne wine tours. Fergusson offers also a nice welcoming restaurant with the delightful food for a lunch or dinner.

The history of vineyard accounts over 40 years. Fergusson Winery is one of the most popular winemakers in Yarra Valley. Also, the estate provides clients with the fine wines coming from the oldest vines in the region. It is with help of Australia’s best soils in the area, fresh air, and gentle sun.

Finally, 1t takes just 1-1.5 hours drive from Melbourne to Fergusson Winery. The Estate offers the best scenic area of the Yarra Valley. In our Melbourne wine tours, Fergusson vineyard is one of the best in the Yarra Valley out of over 80 wineries and over 100 vineyards.

Fergusson family has been running the Fergusson vineyard and wine making processes for more than 45 years. They have a very experienced and enthusiastic team. With help of them, they will make your visit a memorable and valuable occasion. Does not matter whether it is for you just a day out, weekend or a very special event in your life.

Fergusson Yarra Valley – Melbourne wine tour | Nicks Melbourne Tours
Fergusson Yarra Valley – Melbourne wine tour

Fergusson vineyard was planned by brothers Peter & Michael in 1968. They produced the first vintage for sale in 1973. Opening a restaurant in 1975 helped to develop the business. The following wine tasting and sales facilities opened in 1978 accelerated the way to success.

Today the vineyard is in hands of Louise Fergusson and her sons managing the grapes growing as well as wine making processes.

Fergusson Yarra Valley – restaurant

Fergusson Yarra Valley Restaurant is truly one of the best Yarra Valley winery restaurants, well known for its high quality food and outstanding presentation. The restaurant specialises in contemporary Italian food. Everything is made in house – all the pastas, pastries, sauces and the delicious sourdough bread. The food is paired with Fergusson Winery wines, and an extensive list of some iconic Yarra Valley and Italian wines is also available.

Address: 82 Wills Road, Yarra Glen, VIC, 3775.
Phone: (613) 5999 9222.