De Bortoli Winery – Yarra Valley

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De Bortoli Wines – Yarra Valley | Nicks Melbourne Tours
De Bortoli Wines – Yarra Valley

De Bortoli Wines Yarra Valley Estate.

De Bortoli family purchased the estate in 1987. They founded the winery on the property in 1989.

Today the winery is managed by the third generation of De Bortoli – Leanne De Bortoli and her husband.

The success of De Bortoli Estate as a business is based on warm atmosphere, hospitality, and passion in producing unique wines and delicious food.

De Bertoli Wines Yarra Valley Estate is located in the northeast of the Yarra Valley. The area is famous for its cool climate. It offers the best conditions for producing classic wines. Such as Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, European style wines.

De Bortoli Wines in Nick’s Melbourne Tours

De Bortoli Wines – Yarra Valley | Nicks Melbourne Tours
De Bortoli Wines Yarra Valley

The main focus of the winery is in making good wines. Therefore, De Bortoli focuses on the careful selection of the land, viticulture and vine maturity. With minimum influence in winery process. Wine “makes itself”.

The similar approach De Bortoli uses in their restaurant. Their seasonal menu is based almost entirely on Yarra Valley products. The range of products includes large variations grown on the estate in their own garden.

With delicious locally produced wines and food De Bortoli Wines reflects the true picture of the Yarra Valley region.

Today De Bortoli Yarra Valley implements biological farming. All natural methods to be used in vineyards. They make their own compost, using mulch etc. The results are outstanding. In 2012 the winery enjoyed $4.8 grant from Australian Federal Government for its clean technology implementation.

De Bortoli Winery – Yarra Valley.
Address: 58 Pinnacle Lane, Dixons Creek, VIC, 3775.
Phone: (613) 5965 2271.